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Emergency & Urgent Pet Care

Late Night Emergency and Urgent Pet Care in Wheat Ridge

Emergencies and accidents occur unexpectedly when you have a pet. Your dog or cat may get into chemicals, foods or other items that cause physical harm to their bodies. Alternatively, they may be injured in an accident and require emergency treatment. A Wheat Ridge veterinarian at our clinic has the tools to address emergencies and potential complications. If your pet is experiencing a night time emergency call us at 303-433-3291 !

Is your pet in need or urgent or emergency care? Don't hesitate to call our emergency veterinarian in Wheat Ridge now at 303-433-3291 to get your pet help!

Common Emergencies for Pets

The emergencies that occur when you have a pet may vary. A pet emergency in Wheat Ridge depends on your specific pet, your normal activities and the potential problems that may arise.

Common emergencies that may occur include:

  • Poison ingestion
  • Allergic reactions
  • Injuries from a motor vehicle
  • Injuries from other animals
  • Accidents at home or while out of the house
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting or dry heaving
  • Choking

Certain symptoms, such as vomiting, may relate to other emergencies like poison ingestion or it may relate to a sickness. A Wheat Ridge pet emergency refers to any problem causing complications to a pet's health and behavior. If your pet has any of these symptoms or you suspect that something else is wrong with them please call us for after hours emergency services at 303-433-3291!

How to Handle a Pet Emergency

Handling a pet emergency in Wheat Ridge depends on the situation. Generally, you want to call Denver Pet Urgent Care and seek immediate help for any emergency causing harm to your pet.

If your pet is injured in an accident and bleeding, then you must take measures to stop the bleeding while bringing your pet to a professional. Use clean bandages or gauze to gently apply pressure to the injury. Do not use any antibiotic medications or attempt to clean the wound personally. Focus on keeping the bleeding to a minimum and seek immediate medical attention for your pet.

When a pet shows signs of an allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing or swelling, bring the pet to our clinic for immediate care. In the case of difficulty breathing, make sure your pet is not choking. If a pet is choking on food or an object, then perform a finger sweep. See if you can remove the object, but be cautious not to lodge the object further into a pet's throat.

When to Visit Our Emergency Veterinarian in Wheat Ridge

When you notice a problem with your pet, you want to visit a veterinarian in Wheat Ridge. Always seek immediate care when a pet is choking, showing signs of difficulty breathing or dry heaving. You also want to seek help for injuries during an accident or any signs of pain.

Contact Us Immediately for Emergency and Urgent Pet Care in Wheat Ridge

Seek attention for any bites, particularly wild animal bites, since your pet may be exposed to rabies or other diseases. Always seek medical assistance if your pet has swallowed a poisonous substance. A Wheat Ridge pet emergency means your pet is showing signs of a problem or a health concern and you want to act quickly to address the underlying complications. If you think your pet needs help and it's after 7 P.M. call us at 303-433-3291.

Pets face a variety of health concerns throughout their life. When you have concerns about a pet's health due to an injury or signs of a problem, visit our clinic for veterinary care and treatment solutions.